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Airport Transportation:

Airport Transportation
Airport Transportation

We get that traveling isn't fun. Especially if you're stuck on a project in which you have to travel out of town every week for who knows how long? You quickly learn a lot of shortcuts that make traveling so frequently a lot easier. Staying at the same hotel every week? Check a bag containing items that you use every week. That way you don't have to check one at the airport and you can get through TSA screening a whole lot faster. Another tip common travelers use is knowing the difference between "direct" and "non-stop" flights. A direct flight might stop but you don't get off of the airplane where as a non-stop flies directly to the destination.

There are literally hundreds of tips that we could give you in which we've picked up on over the course of our years in business. One thing that remains the case amongst almost all regular business travelers or people who travel in groups (for out of town weddings, family vacations, or family reunions in other states or countries) is the fact that you don't want to deal with taxicabs. In most cases, riding in a taxi feels like you're being taken advantage of, over charged, and simply taken far out of the way in order to get to and from the hotel / the airport.

Beyond the dishonest feeling in a taxi, most taxi cabs have barriers that press against the knees, make it difficult to get air conditioning and are just plain expensive! Instead of riding in a taxi why not spend the same amount of money and ride in style with a limousine or even a smaller party bus?

If you're flying in with a group of family members, you're on the same flight with the same coworkers every week, or you have a group of any other reason, you can use a limousine or party bus as your preferred transportation and it's considered an expense due to the fact that it will fall within the allocated budget for transportation to and from the the airport.

All the while you've been riding in taxi cabs and you could have been riding on leather interior, with great air conditioning, bottled water, more leg room than needed by Yao Ming, and a friendly driver who is trust-worthy, knows where they're going with a pre-agreed upon rate. What more could you ask for?

So what's the next step for you? It's simple. If you book your own travel arrangements, give us a call at 312-626-2811 and let us know when you're flying in or out and we'll give you a rate. If you don't do your own travel arrangements just tell whoever does who you should call, what you'd like in terms of space and room, and let them do the legwork for you. One thing is for certain, when you choose Chi Town Limos, you'll get a great vehicle, honest driver, at the best rate. So don't delay and call today! The phones are open 24/7!