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School Dances in Chicago

Looking back to high school, it's such a nice thought to think of all of the special times you shared. Of course there are many occasions that trump "the best days of your life." Getting married, having children, graduation from college, and so on. At the time, however, many people think that it does not get any better than high school. Of course we know that is not necessarily the case. Throughout a high school career there are only a few occasions in which one can feel like an adult. Of course there are situations like after-school activities, but the main event that has to do with the kids feel like an adult is school dances.

Whether it's a prom or homecoming, you're always sure to feel like an adult. You arrive in style, you're in fancy dress, you're socializing, dancing, and just generally having your first adult-styled party or get together. Nowadays, another factor is show. In the event that your kid(s) want to arrive in style, don't even consider letting them borrow your vehicle and thinking that is enough. Unless you drive a Bugatti or a really rockin' high end car, that's probably not going to cut it. What turns heads, and allows your kids to experience the full "adult party" feeling is a limousine or a party bus.

The beautiful thing about renting a party bus or limousine for your child's prom or homecoming is the fact that they can join in with multiple couples and lower the cost immensely. The cost can go from hundreds of dollars per person to something in the realm of $50 or so per person which is very reasonable.

A few things worth noting in regards to renting a party bus or limousine for a school dance is the fact that we at Chi Town Limos take safety very seriously. In fact, we compile a list of every parent or guardian for each and every child that will be on our vehicles. That, coupled with the fact that we do not allow any open containers to be brought aboard the vehicle. This allows for us to ensure that positively no under aged drinking will take place aboard our vehicles.

The last bit of safety information that we like to ensure is the fact that we do not, under any circumstances, allow for any children that were not on the original list of passengers to enter the vehicle. There will be no "stragglers" of any kind. This ensures the quality of our service and the safety of your children. Lastly, the locations of pick up / drop off are to be pre-determined and we will never veer from that route so you'll know where your children are at all times.

Of course the best reason to do this is to free your evening as a parent. It's rare nowadays that children are gone and you can have an evening to yourself. You can use it to have a romantic evening with your significant other, a quiet evening at home catching up on the book you've been trying to read, or simply relaxing at the spa! The options are endless and when you rent a vehicle from us, only good things can happen.